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At Simple Home Choices, we’re more than just a real estate company; we’re a community of professionals dedicated to making your home selling experience as comfortable and tailored as possible.


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Real Local People

In the heart of Ohio, our team at Simple Home Choices stands out as a group of real, local people deeply connected to the community we serve. We understand the unique aspects of Ohio's real estate market and are committed to guiding local homeowners through their selling journey. Whether facing life's unexpected changes or seeking a fresh start, we're here to offer support and expertise. Our approach combines local market knowledge with a range of services, ensuring your selling experience is not just successful, but also a true reflection of your local needs and values.

Ohio Homes

Specializing in Ohio's unique home market and trends.

Local People

Ohio natives, deeply connected to our community.

Your Journey

Tailoring solutions to your unique home selling journey.

Real Talk

Honest, clear communication for informed decisions.


Mission & Vision

At Simple Home Choices, our mission is to transform the home selling process into a smooth, personalized journey for every homeowner. We strive to eliminate the stress and uncertainty often associated with selling a property. Our vision extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to build a community grounded in trust and satisfaction. Envisioning a future where home selling is not just efficient and successful, but also a positive and empowering experience, we're dedicated to ensuring transparency and genuine care in every interaction.


Our Team Is Here To Serve You!

Founder & Director

Jenna Andrews

Plum Tree Realty

Meet Jenna, founder of Simple Home Choices and a doting mother and accomplished real estate connoisseur since 2014. In 2017, Jenna formed a team of top-notch real estate professionals with the shared mantra of “WE sell your home, your way!” In 2023, She expanded on this concept and Simple Home Choices was founded.

Founder & Director

Andrew Konkol

Construction Manager

Meet Andrew, cofounder of Simple Home Choices. With more than two decades of experience in the construction industry, Andrew is a seasoned expert. He is not just a devoted father but also a dynamic leader. Andrew has a team of licensed and bonded builders who share his passion. Prepare to witness Andrew and his team bring your home aspirations to fruition!



Plum Tree Realty



Jazmin Simpson

Realty One Group

Meet Jazmin , a driven wife, mother, and realtor. Her commitment to her clients ensures their complete satisfaction. Jazmine is devoted to guiding her clients through every step of the process. Her unwavering focus and commitment make Jazmine a true powerhouse in the real estate industry.


Lance Gordon

Plum Tree Realty


Photo & Video

Brian Ballman


Meet Brian, an exceptional real estate photographer and videographer. His passion began at a young age and was refined through film school. Brian’s attention to detail and creative eye has made him one of the most sought-after photographers in the industry. He prides himself on delivering exceptional results to his clients each and every time.


Keith Remy

Tag Sales by Keith

Meet Keith, with over 25 years of experience in the auction/ tag sale industry, Keith is a highly respected and sought-after auctioneer. His expertise spans across a range of auction types, including real estate, antiques, fine art, and more. Keith’s warm demeanor will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the auction process.

Title Rep

Taelonn Harper

Northwest Title



About Jenna!

Hi there!

My name is Jenna Andrews, and I am one of the founders of “Simple Home Choices.” I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself before diving into what our company is all about.

I grew up in Westerville, Ohio, and am lucky to call Central Ohio my home since 1988. Presently, I am a full-time licensed real estate agent and, more importantly, a mother to two amazing little girls.

In 2013, I purchased my first home and found the process to be exhilarating. It was that experience that led me to realize my true calling, and in 2014, I became a Real Estate agent. The transition into the real estate industry was natural, driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, and my passion for houses and helping people realize their dreams.

After a few years of operating my real estate business, I noticed that the one-size-fits-all approach that many real estate agents operated by, did not meet the needs of most of the homeowners I would meet. This led me to establish a real estate team based on the principle of “Selling your home, YOUR WAY.” We took pride in offering various listing options tailored to individual homeowners’ wants and needs. We feel fortunate to have helped hundreds of homeowners over the years.

In 2023, we decided to expand on this idea even further, and “Simple Home Choices” was born. We are thrilled to offer you an innovative and cutting-edge service that prioritizes transparency and choices in your home-selling experience.

Our pledge is to never pressure you into any decision that doesn’t align with your personal goals. Simply put, make the choice that is best for you!

All my best,

Jenna Andrews, Realtor
Plum Tree Realty