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Home Auctioneer and Tag Sale Services for Columbus Ohio

Navigating the sale of your home and personal belongings can be streamlined with our Home Auctioneer and Tag Sale Services in Ohio. Ideal for home sellers looking for an efficient and potentially lucrative method to sell their property and possessions, our services provide a unique solution. We handle the complexities of both real estate and personal item sales, ensuring a smooth and profitable process.

Home Auctioneer & Tag Sale Benefits:

  • Find Market Value:

Our auctioneer bids home to a fair market value.

  • Easy Liquidation:

Sell your belongings AND your home in one process.

  • Stress Reduction:

Smooth selling journey as we handle complexities.

How It Works:

Our experienced auctioneer, will assess your home and belongings to conduct a professional tag sale or auction. We manage every detail from valuation to final sale for maximum return and minimum stress for you.

We’re happy to guide you through this significant phase of your home selling journey in Ohio. Our Auctioneer and Tag Sale Services are designed to simplify your experience and maximize your gains. Contact us to discover how our specialized services can benefit your home selling process.

Easily Liquidate Your Home & Belongings

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Maximize Your Returns with a Home Auctioneer & Tag Sale!

Get the unique advantage of our Home Auctioneer and Tag Sale Services, which provide a lucrative and efficient way to sell your home and personal items. Our team is committed to ensuring that the process of liquidating your assets is both profitable and stress-free.

Ease of Sale

Seller Support

Sale Efficiency

Sale Management

Our Auctioneer manages your sale, from bids to valuation to final transactions.

Maximize Profits

Get the best possible market value for your property & belongings.

Simple Liquidation

Leave the complexities of selling to us, we handle the entire process.

Seller Support

We guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful sale.

Efficient Process

Effective sales approach, ensurning a quick and hassle-free experience.

Full Scale Service

We serve you in organizing and conducting auctions to managing tag sales.

Ohio Home Auctioneer & Tag Sale Pricing Info:


Flexible Options for Home Auctioneer & Tag Sales

Get versatile and accessible payment solutions with our Home Auctioneer and Tag Sale Services. Perfect for homeowners aiming to maximize returns on their property and belongings, we tailor our services to your financial requirements.

Add to MLS Listing

Choosing our Home Auctioneer & Tag Sale services as an add-on to your listing comes with a separate agreement, offering payment plans to fit your needs comfortably.

Or Customize Payment Options

Or we can work with you to establish a payment structure that fits your financial situation, ensuring ease and convenience throughout the selling process.

*Disclaimer: Some services may require a deposit, determined by the specific scope of the auction or sale and at the discretion of our team. Reach out to us for detailed pricing information.


Meet Keith Remy

Meet Keith Remy, our Home Auctioneer & Tag Sale Specialist. With years of experience in the field, Keith brings expertise and professionalism to every auction and tag sale, ensuring a successful and profitale experience for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Auctioneer & Tag Sale FAQ

Auctioneer services offer a dynamic, market-driven approach to selling, often leading to competitive bidding and potentially higher sale prices compared to traditional methods.

A tag sale, often held in conjunction with property auctions, is a sale of personal belongings, where items are tagged with prices for direct purchase.

Yes, you can opt for either the auctioneer service for your property or the tag sale service for personal items separately, based on your needs.

Tag sales typically include a wide range of personal items such as furniture, artwork, collectibles, and household goods.

Our auctioneer assesses your property and items to determine fair market values, ensuring you get the best possible returns.

While your presence is not mandatory, you’re welcome to attend. Our team can handle all aspects of the sale on your behalf.

The timeline varies, but we work efficiently to organize and execute auctions and tag sales, often within a few weeks of initial consultation.

In the rare event that items don’t sell, we can discuss alternative strategies, such as private sales or secondary auctions.

Our services are competitively priced, offering value through handling and the potential for higher returns from sales.

We guide you through the preparation process, which may include sorting items and making minor property improvements. Consider our Home Cleanout Service to help expedite the process!

Yes, you can set reserve prices for auction items to ensure they are not sold below a certain value.

Payment structures are discussed upfront, with options including a percentage of sales or flat fees, based on the service scope.

We utilize various marketing channels, including online platforms and local advertising, to attract a broad audience of buyers.

Our team ensures compliance with all legal aspects of auctions and tag sales, including licensing and sale regulations.

For items that don’t sell, options include donation, storage, or arrangement for a secondary sale.

Various property types, especially unique or high-demand ones, are well-suited for auction sales.

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We work to provide streamlined solutions for selling your home and personal items, easing your burden and maximizing returns. Reach out to us now to discuss your options for Home Auctioneering and/or a Tag Sale of your items!

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